Facial Beard & Hair Growth Wash

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Growing and maintaining a healthy Beard is not an easy task. Facial hair can be stubble, more wiry, and coarse. The skin underneath the beard becomes sensitive and sometimes inflamed. Our Facial and Beard growth wash contains natural ingredients to add moisture without harsh irritants as it soothes and repairs that dry and flaky skin. Your beard will become more manageable and healthy as softer new growth emerges. Our beard wash will clean and freshen your facial hair and encourage hair growth.

 Our ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial which address your beard itch and dandruff while smoothing your skin. Our natural ingredients foster new healthy beard and beard growth. 

    • Cleans your beard  of foreign matter 
    • Soothes and repairs itchy and dandruff skin.
    • Soothe the skin under your beard 
    • Reduces skin irritation
    • Natural oils that promote hair growth
    • Peptides to keep tighten skin
    •  Removes excess oils from your beard
    • All Natural –encourages healthy hair growth.
    • Moisturizes and helps with combing and brushing
    •  Conditions and strengthens the beard.
    • Keeps your beard healthy

    Apply to a wet Beard wash well, for conditioning effect wait  for 5 mins then wash out. 

    ingredients: (9 nutrient-rich oils to promote hair growth with antiaging benefits for skin and hair health.  Cocamidopropyl Betaine. coco glucoside Aloe, Barbadenis Ciycerin, Maris sal ( Dead Sea Salt) Benzylalcohol-DNA D Panthenol ( Provitamin B-5, xanthan Gum, Peptides